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Buddy Pet Foods

Buddy Pet Foods - Tick & Flea Defence

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A supplementary food for dogs in the form of a powder than can easily be added to your dog's daily meal.

The active ingredient, cistus herb produces a scent that stays on your dog and helps repel ticks and fleas.

Made from 100% natural active ingredients derived exclusively from natural raw materials.

This natural powder offers a healthy alternative to traditional prescribed medication against parasites. Provides an effective defense from within. With cistus (cistus incanus), brewer's yeast, black cumin and coconut, an effective defense against parasites (e.g. ticks & fleas) is created that lasts all year round. All ngredients are gently dried, ground, and mixed. This gives the product a fresh scent, and a pleasant taste. Simply mix with food, and enjoy a tick-free life!

How to use it

1 scoop daily per 10kg of body weight, to be added to food.