Our treatments

We offer a bespoke experience to each dog that walks through our door. Every grooming appointment begins with a complimentary consultation with our head groomer to talk through your dog’s requirements, history, likes, dislikes and styling preferences.

At George’s, every dog’s owner is invited into the salon to choose a post-groom fragrance for their dog and to see the facilities.

We offer a range of extras that can be added onto any treatment. The full list is shown below.

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Full Services

The Full Package

Everything your dog needs to look and feel great from nose to tail. A warm bath with two shampoos, a brush-out and fluff dry by hand. Nails clipped, ears and eyes cleaned and fully styled according to your preference. Finished with a touch of doggy fragrance of your choice.

Bath and Go

For the dog on the go in need of a quick refresh. A warm bath with two rounds of shampoo followed by a thorough towel dry. Great for a busy dog on the go and in between grooms to keep them feeling (and smelling) fresh wherever their day takes them.

Bath, Fluff Dry and Tidy

All the goodness of a bath and fluff dry with an extra touch. We’ll tidy up the feet, between the eyes, hygiene and tail to keep your pup looking smart until their next groom.

Bath and Fluff Dry

A little pick me up and that ‘fresh from the salon’ feeling. A warm bath, two shampoos, a full brush out and fluff dry by hand, finished off with a spritz of your chosen doggy fragrance. Perfect in between grooms to keep tangles at bay and for your dog to look and feel great.


Can be added on to any full service listed above

Ultrasonic teeth cleaning

For shiny white, healthy teeth. Book a course of 5 teeth cleaning sessions for your dog.

Paw and nose balm

Deeply moisturizing treatment to hydrate your dog’s pads and keep their nose shiny and healthy.


Treat your dog to a luxury facial to keep tear stains at bay and help their face smell lovely for extra kisses.


Included with all full grooms but can be booked as a standalone appointment for regular maintenance.

Mud Bath

A Dead Sea Mineral mud bath for your dog. Gentle on dogs, helping relieve skin irritations and aiding circulation.

Bath Salts

Dead Sea & Himalayan Bath Salts For Dogs. Helps ease muscle tension, relieves itchy skin and swollen joints.