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Cloud7 - Dog Cooling Vest

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Keep your dog cool this summer with this cooling vest from Cloud7. Designed to retain moisture and slowly create an evaporation effect to cool down your dog during use.

This is a great piece of kit for hotter days with your dog to help them stay cool and safe.

Made from a neoprene and cotton blend.

  • Relaxed dog vest with cooling effect
  • Super absorbent inner layer for long lasting cool
  • Suitable for small and large dogs
  • Combined with Neoprene for maximum mobility
  • Not suitable for swimming

How does it work?

Simply submerge the vest in water or moisten the inside with cold water and pop your dog in it.

The highly absorbent inner-layer ensures a high level of water absorption and the neoprene construction in the chest area allows your dog to enjoy their full natural movement without any constriction from the vest.

The vest is cropped so that important organs such as the kidneys stay uncovered. Cooling vests are recommended for all dog sizes, breeds and fur types in warmer weather to help prevent overheating and heatstroke.


Outer fabric: 85% polyester, 15% cotton

Lining: 100% cotton

Inner material: 80% polyester, 20% highly absorbent fibres

Care Instructions: 30 degree machine wash on a delicate wash cycle. Leave to dry flat.

Color: Neon Orange
Size: 5
Color: Neon Orange
Size: 5