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DOG by Dr Lisa

DOG by Dr Lisa - DOG Slicker Brushes

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We use slicker brushes in the salon at George’s every day. They work on most dog coats and are super effective for detangling the coat and maintaining it between grooms. We don’t recommend using a slicker brush for a smooth coat but it’s great on all others. If you’re able to brush your dog once a day, right to the root, you’ll find that tangles are a thing of the past. It also helps remove loose debris and will avoid your dog leaving dirt quite so easily everywhere they go. Grooming your dog is proven to be a great bonding experience and brushing them regularly will help them to enjoy the process as a part of their normal routine. While you’re brushing, you’ll be able to inspect your dog’s skin for lumps, bumps, parasites or abnormalities.


  • Made from sustainable bamboo
  • Available in a small and large size to suit your dog
  • Not tested on animals
  • Recommended and used by vets 

While it’s great to untangle your dog’s coat, if the knots are proving too tight to brush through, we recommend booking a visit to your local groomers. Brushing out tight knots can be painful for the dog so it’s best to seek a professional’s advice

    Size: Small
    Size: Small