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DOG by Dr Lisa

DOG By Dr Lisa - Dog Poo Bag Holder

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DOG by Dr Lisa bring you these new Poo Bag Holders designed to fit their vanilla-scented DOG by Dr Lisa Poo Bags (also available from George's).

Made from durable silicone and featuring a handy clip and strap to secure it on your leash without wobbling around.

How to use it:

Remove carabiner. Fold down sides of Poo Bag Holder and insert roll of bags. Feed the first bag through the opening and then flip the sides back up. Reattach carabiner. Clip carabiner on the leash - it works best when hung from the D-ring, otherwise clip it on the leash handle. Secure the Poo Bag Holder’s strap around the leash to prevent it jiggling during walks.

Color: Black
Color: Black