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Paikka - Rain Suit Neon

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Keep your dog dry all over with this eye-catching neon rainsuit from Paikka.

The material is super light and it's very easy to put on your dog. 

Featuring velcro fastening above the paws to guarantee a secure fit around the legs and avoid any water getting in. There's an adjustable opening for a leash to be clipped onto a harness beneath. The print is highly reflective so you can be sure not to lose your dog in low visibility conditions.

It has an adjustable strap than fastens over the back. Although you can conceal the strap by fastening it under the coat, we recommend wearing it as shown in the photos to avoid any discomfort from the strap rubbing on your dog.

Available for dogs of all sizes, from tiny to very big.


Size: 40
Size: 40