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Pino - Slow Feeder Bowl

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We believe pets improve our lives so we want to improve theirs too. Our goal is to have our four-legged friend enjoy their meal in the most comfortable and healthy way possible.

  • Measuring marks: you can follow up if your dog drinks enough or use them as a reference to give the right amount of food
  • Stay at place: thanks to the very heavy weight the bowl doesn't move while eating
  • Suitable for both water and dry and wet food
  • Non-slip: The heavy weight plus a non-slip finish keeps the bowl in place
  • Sustainable materials: made out of 70% sand (polysand) for a green and animal friendly planet
  • Handmade; each marble patterned bowl is unique

SMALL: 18 cm - 4 cm high - 0,65 kg - Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Malteser, Yorkshire Terrier
MEDIUM: 18 cm - 8 cm high - 1,25 kg - French Bulldog, Teckel, Pug Dog, Beagle
LARGE: 22 cm - 9 cm high - 1,75 kg - Golden Retriever, Husky, Labrador, Dalmatian

Easy to clean with water/wet cloth because of its soft texture

Size: M
Color: Camel Brown
Size: M
Color: Camel Brown